Virgin drink creation is not a new art. Many sites who focus on drink making or recipes have a smattering of Mocktails or virgin drinks in their repertoire. But Experimental Virgins focuses exclusively on virgin drinks – all kinds – from virgin cocktails to shooters to shakes.

As part of my blog, I hope to take on the challenge of reviewing recipes already online and created by others. This could prove interesting – as I attempt to find ingredients, so my focus will be on recipes I can do with ingredients that I can find locally or shipped to Canada (specifically Northern BC).

  • Check out for some fun virgin recipes hosted by two wonderful kids —Brianna & Liam— and created with juices, flavoured syrups, purees and other flavourful ideas. All the ideas on their site are all non-alcoholic.
Here are some of the online recipes I have found to date that have virgin creations as part of their selection.

As I find more sites with a decent selection of recipes I will add them, I will also post links to individual recipes I review on the blog.

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