Utter Fail!

Last valentines day I went crazy with drink making – and this year when I tried to be creative my efforts failed miserably. Utter fail as my kids would say.

Hypothesis 1: Ground up and disolved cinnamon hearts will create non alcholic “fireball”. Hypothesis 2: Non alchoholic Fireball would work for a virgin cinnamon apple mojito.

I had found a neat mojito on TimesofIndia that I wanted to try for valentines day. Simple right? Mix up some apple juice, lime pop, mint and cinnamon. Should be doable. NOPE.

First,  I wanted red -so instead of a cinnamon stick, and since it was valentines I grinded down cinnamon hearts and made them into a “fireball” like syrup. But I love cinnamon hearts and had eaten half of them before getting around to making the drink, so while the syrup was red and tasted like cinnamon, it didn’t have much kick.

Second, I didn’t have the fresh mint required. In an attempt to make-do I used mint extract to make my mojito mint syrup. Big mistake!

Well, I am still not sure what part of the process was not a mistake to be honest. Turns out that candy cinnamon syrup plus peppermint created a drink that tasted like colgate mixed with soda water. – YUCK! I didn’t even try it on anyone – it was that horrible, a complete and utter fail.

However, a true scientist doesn’t give up when the hypothesis proves false. We go back and try something else, a different combo, a different proceedure.

Someday, when mint, cinnamon hearts are both available in a store I am frequenting, I will pick them both up and try this again – to test to see if real mint plus candy cinnamon syrup also is grose. And if it is, well I may have to go to real cinnamon syrup and give up the hope of a red drink – and hey by the time this is perfected it may be a great easter drink, or summer, or fall.

Never give up, never give in, but most importantly never drink colgate!

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