Pumpkin Chai Latte

Pumpkin Chai lattee: Curl up with this on a cold winter day or serve to guests at a holiday soiree.

Pumpkin Chai lattee: Curl up with this on a cold winter day or serve to guests at a holiday soiree.

Earlier this year I found some great recipes for pumpkin drinks, as well as creating my own both, which I blogged around Thanksgiving and Halloween. Recently when researching the recipe for one of my favourite teas —Chai— I realized that the spice combination for pumpkin pie and chai are similar.

According to allrecipes.com, they list equal portions of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger with just a little less ground cloves added. Other sites like the Kitchen Treaty suggests more cinnamon than the other spices but it’s the same four ingredients are in all recipes I found.

Chai Tea is most commonly ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom with the emphasis on cinnamon and ginger. In chatting with a friend recently back from India she mentioned that fennel is also added to Masala Chai. The recipe I used for my spice mix can be found here and ads black pepper to the ingredient list.

But cloves and cinnamon and ginger right? Those three are the same and powerful flavours in both combinations. So, sez I, why not blend the two concepts?

Well it’s been done before – both online by Cookie + Kate and in local coffee shops, but hey that doesn’t need to stop me!

Pumpkin Chai Latte

This recipe is attempting to be as close to a pure latte as possible so milk froth is the key. Without a true frothing machine, this may be more tricky, but not impossible. If you want to push the simple button, and love lattes, I recommend getting a frothed. There are many different options, from cheap at place like IKEA to really high end ones – Tuum Est! (Ha! A shout out to fellow UBC Grads on that quote). Want to do it without any specialty items? Yup you can! Check how to froth with a simple glass jar and whisk here, or with just a lidded jar and spoon (how basic is that?) here.


2 oz pumpkin purée
1 oz honey
2 oz chai infusion
4 oz whole milk


Heat milk to boiling in pot or frother and froth well, or use alternative method (see above for ideas and links) to make froth. Remove the best of the froth into a separate bowl (for now) and add remaining ingredients and  to hot milk mix again to froth (won’t be as much froth this time) and blend. Pour into coffee cup, top with froth from original milk and serve.

My Thoughts:

This is a complicated recipe but very classy, and if I had any expertise I would add some latte art to this like you can see here in this tutorial. Alas, I could not get the knack for it. There are some great stencils out there too which are simpler, or follow this youtube video for make it yourself stencils if you are totally into DIY projects!

But for taste, the drink is very nice, not too much like pumpkin pie but a little, not exactly like chai either due to the added subtle flavour of the pumpkin, very much like a latte.

Kid-o-metre 5/5 Kids enjoyed this.
Taste: 5/5  Tasty.
Simplicity: 4/5  some work involved in the recipe, but not too much.
Ingredient finding: 4/5 ingredients easy to find, fancy equipment is optional and may take some traveling to get.

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