Wicked Witch of the West Martini

Wicked Witch of the West Martini

Wicked Witch of the West Martini

I have been watching season three of Once Upon a Time and been considering the newly introduced character from Oz – the green with envy Wicked Witch of the West.

So I wondered, what about a drink named after this infamous witch? It would have to be green of course, and have a hint of brown sugar. So, on a quest to see what can be created, I headed first to the internet to see what has been created.

Turns out the only drink I could find with this name is a lemon vodka drink made for chugging at a frat party. Not even green, huh.

So off to the kitchen in search of green drink potential and my eye landed on my bag of fresh green apples. Ok, sour is good. The witch definitely had a sour personality. And brown sugar goes with apples. Throw in some lime… maybe some green mint…

It’s got potential.

Wicked Witch of the West Martini

The foundation of this sweet and sour drink is apple sour made with tart green apples, but with a twist of mint and lime thrown in.


Rim a martini glass with apple juice and brown sugar. Pour into bottom licorice syrup. Mix brown sugar syrup, mint syrup and apple mint sour in a cocktail shaker with ice. With a straw or small dropper, carefully add up to 5 drops of concentrated chlorophyll. Watch that you are using just enough to colour the drink a deeper shade of green, this stuff is strong! Shake again, strain into glass and serve.

My Thoughts:

The added mint gives a nice hint along with the lime to the apple beverage. The juice is tart, but not too. I felt that a splash of mint syrup was required to up the green and the sweetness, since too much brown sugar syrup would darken the drink. The drink needed just a hint more dark green though. So I decide to think outside the box and add just a tiny bit (and that’s the key) of liquid concentrated chlorophyll. This took me dripping tiny drops from the end of a straw as my bottle was happy to drip huge drops into the drink, overpowering the more delicate flavours with the health products flavour and over darkening the drink.

With the blend of flavours, and when the licorice is swirled in the drink has a unique blend of apple, mint and licorice that is appealing — if you like licorice. This could be made without the black to create a nice mint apple drink, but I found it tasted too much like a health juice and not enough like a martini.

Kid-o-metre 1/5 not a hit – kids don’t like licorice and flavour is too complex for them
Taste: 3/5 hubby and I enjoyed it. Would love more input from what other think… please try it and comment!
Simplicity: 1/5 Four of five ingredients requires creating yourself. Skill and precision necessary for layering.
Ingredient finding: 3/5 Chlorophyl not available here, had to get it out of town. Fresh mint only available in summer/fall, luckily I had some left in my fridge.

Apple Mint Sour

2 apples
10 fresh mint leaves
2 oz lime juice
1 oz lemon juice
3 oz water plus 8 oz water

Throw all ingredient except water into a blender and pulse slowly increasing the speed until pulped into mush. Strain over wire double strainer using water to rinse out the remaining apple pulp. Push to squeeze out juice with the back of a spoon. When all juice is strained out, return pulp to pot with second amount water. Heat for 5 minutes then strain again and discard pulp. Store juice in airtight container for 1 week. Makes about 4 cups juice.

This was a fun creative process, I hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear what your thoughts are on any of these inventions I’ve brewed up. With Halloween only a few day away, there are two drinks left to try. Stay tuned and happy brewing!

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