Candy Corn Drink Review

Candy Corn Drink from Better Home and Gardens.

Candy Corn Drink from Better Home and Gardens. Three layers of colour, three flavours and textures blending into one drink.

I came across this fun all ages drink at Better Home and Gardens when looking for fun candy themed drinks to try for halloween. The ingredients were simple: Lemon jello, Mango Nector, Orange pop, whipping cream and honey. In their version the ingredients are made in a single glass pitcher, layered for effect to be like the three layers of candy corn and then muddled before serving.

You can find the recipe here on their site.

I wanted to serve this for dinner for guests so I made the drinks individually. Since the recipe served 8, but I wanted mini sizes, I used plastic cocktail glasses and made half servings, as well as seeing what would happen if I used milkshake glasses to serve the drink in at full serving size.

In order to get the opacity and slightly gelatinized look and texture of the bottom layer, I tried two things. First I made the bottom layer with half the amount of nectar since I had juice instead of the thicker stuff. Second I tried to create mango nectar from “scratch” since our store only carried mango juice and it is not the same. Mango nectar has the pulp plus the juice and often some other form of sweetener and liquid.

For the first experiment, the layers were barely visible. I tested this on my family and friends.

I can understand why this was originally done in a pitcher. When mixing up the drink, the whipped cream starts to foam. Smaller containers, filled to the brim like I tried to do are a bit of an accident waiting to happen. My youngest, found this out and had to run to the bathroom to clean herself off – oops!

What did they think of the drink? Thumbs up from the 7 year old, even with the mess factor (or maybe because of it?). Mixed reviews from the 11 year old and 13 year old niece. And the adults, some liked it ok, others not so much. With the first non nector batch.

I would recommend the smaller size too. This is a very sweet drink, and a bit like desert with the jello, fruit juice and whipped cream. Considering the size of the full portion, I would be buzzing for days from the sugar! Good for a wake-a-thon or long movie night perhaps?

With the mango pulp added the resulting drink looked very close to the original images. But no one, not one of us liked the resulting flavour. The mango puree was a write off. I must not be reproducing mango nectar correctly.  Not one person in our family liked this. I will have to see if I can find the real deal…

From my research into the original candy, the flavour of all three colours is vanilla. The only difference is colour. Maybe something with less blends of flavours and textures maybe for a future experiment?

Kid-o-metre 2/5 Mango and orange… not enjoyed. Orange and lemon, better.
Taste: 1/5  
not enough of a all ages appeal, too sweet for most adults, only liked not loved by kids.
Simplicity: 4/5
Takes a bit of time, layering can be challenging… stirring messy.
Ingredient finding: 4/5 
No mango nector available.

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