Prep Day – Part one

Up north the gardening is done, the leaves are flying off the trees, and the nights are crisp if not getting cold. Fall was in the air last night, literally leaves blowing everywhere and rain, lots of rain. So I thought, what perfect weather to warm up in the kitchen with pots on the stove and nuts roasting in the oven.

While some drinks can be made with simple ingredients, or items easily found at the store, when it comes to alternates to the boozy options sometimes it takes a bit of work, research and … time.

Yup, lots of time.

Today was prep day.  The theme for this Thanksgiving weekend is fall beverages celebrating apples, pears, walnuts and fresh herbs still available at this time of year.

Ingredients purchased for this set of trials included:

Apple (Granny Smith apples, unsweetened apple sauce, fresh apple cider, apple juice);
Pear (fresh pears, canned pears and frozen pears in syrup),
Citrus (oranges and orange juice concentrate, bottled lemon juice and lemons);
Herbs and spices (fresh rosemary, fresh mint,  cinnamon, ginger, all spice);
club soda, sugar, coffee and cream.

The Prep List:

  • Applejack or Apple Brandy
  • All Spice Dram
  • Apple Sour
  • Walnut flavoured …syrup

When researching fall drink ideas, there are just tons out there on the net. This year, with the focus on apples and pears, I kept to a simple list of drinks that used common ingredients to see which I could alter to be virgin and still work. Here is my list.

Thanksgiving Drink Menu:

  • Fall Apple Martini experiment
  • The Apple-disiac experiment
  • The Spiced Pear Collins Experiment
  • Apple Ginger Sparkler
  • Herb’s Harvest Experiment
  • Apple Blow Fizz Experiment
  • Pear Ginger Fizz
  • Apple and herb virgin martinis

Stay tuned for the results!


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