To me the idea of drinking anything is primarily because it tastes good. Growing up I was taught to be aware of the side effects of alcohol, but it was the taste of some drinks – or perhaps, as I look back, the strength – that made me choose to avoid alcoholic beverages. As an adult now, with kids of my own, I hope that they will make wise decisions around alcohol. And there are many choices now, the corner coffee shop offers flavours, hot and cold coffees, lattes;  the local grocery store offers non-alcoholic wines and beers; and the internet is full of recipes and ideas that are appropriate for any age.

Non-alcoholic beverages don’t have to be childish, we’ve come a long way from a choice of a Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers or a virgin daiquiri. In the last 20 years I have been interested in the idea of great tasting drinks that adults can enjoy without loosing out on the flavour. I would go on a hunt for an unusual drink for a Christmas Party or to sit back on the porch with, find things I liked, some I didn’t, make alterations to the recipe, get feedback from family and friends… and then forget about it.

In 2009 Julie & Julia was released in theatres, and a few years ago I watched the movie with my parents while visiting. The idea of one woman blogging her experience with another person’s recipes inspired me.

I love research, experimenting with tastes & textures, coming up with alternates for the usual.

I hope to document the original sources so you can go back and find where I first found the recipes, what my thoughts are on the recipe, how easy it is to find the ingredients, what alternates there are if the recipe was originally alcohol dependent, and how it rates on a Kid-O-Metre.

Will I do a recipe a day? Nope, can’t make that promise. But I will try to make it fun to read, show you lots of pretty pictures, and give you some inspiration to try something yum.

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